Wedding Decoration

Every one remembers their wedding day as the most glamorous day of their life. So , why cant we create the entire ambience to makeyour wedding the most memorable event of your life.?

Our priority and purpose is to make your wedding decoration better than you imagine it to be. We offer traditional, contemporary or modern stylish designs to make the special moment of your life a really cherishing one. Take the pressure out of planning your wedding day by sharing with us your wedding hire requirements and we will fulfill your needs in a professional way.

Flower Arrangement

When it comes to flower arrangement, we incorporate fresh, high quality flowers such as Roses, Orchids and Hydrangea with seasonal flowers with are imported from all over the world to create an elegant and artistic form of work which will remain in the memory of your guest throughout their lifetime. We offer a wide range of flower arrangement irrespective of size, shape and color to fit your needs. Whether it be a wedding party, an anniversary function, corporate function, special event or your loved one’s birthday party, our flowers are perfect for every occasion.

We offer the latest trends in floral designing. Whether it be a simple and stylish ceremony or a luxurious event.

Car Decoration

We provide everything that is needed to decorate your wedding car. All the wedding decals, stickers and balloons in between will surely add the look of your wedding car. Call us and get the bride/groom’s car ready to go.

Thaalam Settings

Thaalam settings from us are done in various ways according to the type of functions.

Garlands & bouquets

Bridal bouquet is an inevitable part of every wedding, especially Christian wedding. We very well understand the importance of a bridal bouquet and therefore best flowers and other materials are carefully selected and we entrust the best expert for making your dream bouquet.

Garlands being the essential part of Indian wedding, we provide different types of garlands such as Jasmine and rose petals to decorate your wedding ceremony or reception. We have provided the most outstanding services from planning an event to managing deliveries and venue set up.We execute your plan in just the perfect way you wanted!

Wall Covering & Seat Covers

In all the wedding occasions the venue will be fantastic, the tables mostly looks great but the chairs and wall coverings need a little touch to look perfect. We add the missing touch of class and elegance in your wall coverings and chair covers which will make your ceremony or reception looks absolutely stunning.

We will compliment the look of your venue by covering the often plain stacking chairs with beautiful gorgeous covers. For the ultimate room transformation choose our quality chair covers and wall coverings, as these items can convert a normal hall into a palace.


To make the events more beautiful we decorate the function with various types of carving such as ice carving, stone carving, vegetable carving etc.

Table settings (Food Counter)

We decorate tables for all types functions. We covers the tables with various colors of table covers ie, red, green , blue etc..

Illumination Arrangement

We offer professional décor and enhancement lighting for all special occasions. We will dazzle your guests with our brilliant décor lighting designs. We offer customized designs to fit your budget. Elegant décor lightings, centre pieces, dance floor ambience, you can approach us for any of your lighting needs.

Theme Works

Some events are planned to convey an idea or project a thought. The right ambience often helps to achieve the desired output. What we do here is that we listen and understand your requirements, come up with good ideas and themes, helps to chart out the event, create the right ambience and offer services needed for you to make the event truly successful. We have a good team with creative ideas and they will execute your plan in just the perfect way you wanted.

Platform Stage

We have readymade stages available which when modified can meet your style, theme or color requirements. You can choose any of the amazing themes available or we offer a bespoke service if needed. Platform stages are available for all occasions.


Various models of Shamiyana creations is available in our gallery.