About Us

Models Decor started on 25th December 2002. Models Decor provide the option of illuminating your wedding decorations with pin/spot lights, changing the look of the room with custom designed linens, and many more special effects. We have qualified and experienced beauticians to make you ready for the event. We will arrange you a decorated car of your preference, make ready the bridal bouquet and other flower arrangements and decorations, light and sound, video and stills and we can even arrange you a honeymoon trip of your preference.

So now that you've finally landed a great partner, you thought that the hard part was over, right? Wrong. You've got a wedding to plan, and if you've never thrown a bash more complicated than a keg and a few bags of chips, you may be feeling a tad overwhelmed. That's when a wedding consultant can be a real godsend. More and more couples, in fact, are turning over some of their big day preparation to an expert.

Here's the answers to some questions you may be mulling over as you decide if a consultant is right for you.